Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mini Heat Wave Continues

Hello everyone and welcome to the blog! We have a mini heat wave that continues to hang around here and will do so untill Friday when we get a bit of relief in here but that will be short lived. Today temperatures will generally run in the 90-95 degree range with some light winds.

Tomorrow temperatures will run a bit warmer but generally in the 90-95 degree range again. The western parts of the state could see temperatures hit above 95 degrees. The humidity will still be with us making for a very muggy day. A cold front will move in late on the day Thursday into the day on Friday and will be some relief in the way of some showers and thunderstorms. Temperatures for the first half of the weekend will hold in the mid and upper 80s for highs.

Sunday temperatures soar back up into the mid 90s for most locations but that could spark off some thunderstorms, especally the further southeast you live. Monday the heat wave snaps as a trough moves over the Great Lakes and that will keep us in the chance for thunderstorms and it is looks more and more each day like a severe weather producer.

As you can probably tell, cracks are starting to form in the ground and it also starts to get very hard. We are a bit on the dry saide and any rain would be nice and would help as well. We don't want anyones mater plants to dry up now do we? ;)

Have a great day everyone and take care! :)

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